Flip Flap Doors

Flip flap doors, panel and wall mountable. It has a fixed durability hinge structure and double-wing with 90 degrees opening in both directions possible.

Doors are strengthened horizontally and vertically and protected from accidental impacts from cars, forklifts and pallet trucks by pulley protection bars. Doors are available in various colours.


Panel thickness40mm

Case alter: 1130µ PVC (Plastisol) / 25µ RAL painted sheet, polyurethane injected / A304 – A316

Accessory optionsShock absorber leaf, Plinth, Monorail system, One way working, Lock

Flip Flap Doors

Flip Flap door single wing

Width X Height
1200X2000, 1200X2100, 1200X2200, 1400X2000, 1400X2100, 1400X2200, 1500X2000, 1500X2200, 1500X2400, 1500X2500, 1600X2000, 1600X2200, 1600X2400, 1600X2500, 1800X2000, 1800X2200, 1800X2400, 1800X2500, 2000X2000, 2000X2200, 2000X2300, 2000X2400, 2000X2500

Flip Flap door double wing

Width X Height
800X1900, 800X2000, 800X2100, 900X1900, 900X2000, 900X2100, 1000X2000, 1000X2100, 1200X2000, 1200X2100, 1200X2200, 1200X2300, 1200X2400, 1200X2500