About Us

Who we are?


The success of ATS has been the result of continuous research that focuses on production aligning with today’s industrial science, future intuition, and philosophy. Our products offer an ease of use and installation. As well as a different aesthetic style that is far from ordinary and adapts trends to future lifestyles with its technology.

Doors to the world 

Founded by Gürkan Cömertpınar (currently serving as the Chairman of the Board of Directors) in Adana Metal Industry Site in 1989. ATS DOOR moved to Adana Organized Industrial Zone in 2009; with its years of experience and knowledge, it has expanded its distribution network both to many regions of Turkey and abroad. While expanding by the continuous production activities.

With the increasing demand day by day, ATS has become a brand dominating the market in Adana and the Mediterranean Region. ATS has carried out domestic production and sales under the name of Adana Teknik Sogutma in 2010 and started to use the ATS DOOR brand in this market since 2015 with the intensification of foreign demands.


Our Brands

The adventure of a brand that is open to development and dominates the trends

Following the developing trends, technologies and determining strategies suitable for the dynamics of the market it is in, ATS established the sandwich panel production line in 2020. While keeping up the completion of the R&D studies that have continued for more than 15 years. In 2021, ATS PANELS brand began producing modern-style functional plastic with latest technologies. The ATS ACCESSORIES brand was created for the production of door accessories. Our company produces cold storage doors, door accessories and sandwich panels in Turkey. It exports to the European market with its warehouse located in Cologne, Germany. Aspiring to acquire a large market for itself in Germany and Europe in the coming years; ATS established the Cologne-based ATS KÜHLHAUS company and brand in 2022.

A successful future with 33 years of knowledge and experience…

ATS believes that knowledge and experience form the solid foundations of a successful brand. With its 33-year history in the cooling sector; It stands out with its design team, R&D studies, product quality, after-sales services, and the value it places on customer satisfaction.
The second-generation young team of ATS is moving towards higher goals day by day, inspired by the experience and discipline that goes back many years, with the awareness of their valuable heritage.


Our Vision and Mission

Our Missions

To understand the needs of our customers, producing correct solutions to satisfy their requirements.<br /> To understand customers’ problems, produce solutions and establish a good relationship based on satisfaction with all our customers.

Our Vision

To raise our brand awareness with our brand concept which is identified with confidence, quality and solution oriented, recommended and innovative designs.