General Features


General Features

ATS produces a series of cold storage doors, especially for the food industry.

Our cold room doors are hinged, sliding, flip-flap, and sectional doors. All our doors can be used between +15 to -40 degrees Celsius.

Our doors are produced in special sizes, all with international hygiene standards. They can be used in food preparation areas since they are produced using the white laminated stainless material.

Our sliding doors; are safe, easy to use, has an innovative rail system and seals perfectly.

Door casings and doors are injected with high-density polyurethane and with excellent insulation properties. Woodwork is not used in any of our products.

Automatic operation can be provided, with safe electric drive units, fully compatible with the latest standards.

Our doors are extremely handy and hygienic, can be used in the retail, pharmaceutical and entertainment sectors.



  • It is resistant to humidity and water,
  • Heaters can be replaced easily,
  • They are manufactured in a way that; will not bend, rot, swell or rust,
  • Lightweight and user-friendly,
  • Ideal for use under severe conditions,
  • Door frame options to fit different wall structures are available,
  • Anodized special aluminium case,
  • Easy and fast installation,
  • Fully automatic and manual alternatives,
  • Gates lock from outside for human health and safety and can be opened from the inside if need be,
  • Doors are made of 38/42 kg / m³ density polyurethane, between two aluminium sheets,
  • Door Thickness: 50 mm, 68 mm, 80 mm 92 mm, 120 mm, 150 mm are available,
  • Lock and Strap Equipment: Rail, pulley, inside, outside, arms and opening and closing systems,
  • Panel Substrate Material: PVC, optionally. Polyester coated steel sheet or stainless steel sheet (Nİ-Cr),
  • Door Frame: Anodized aluminium frame and optionally polyurethane material injected between two sheets of steel.

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